We believe it‘s possible; we know its potential – does the Community?

The proposed complex is presently in the exploratory phase, a scoping. The concept focuses on a number of uses, supporting a spectrum of venues and community recreation on a year around basis. More importantly, it is “by the community”. While the County will help where possible, this is not a County project! Is the community up to it?

The Almanor Basin is uniquely blessed with an array of amenities, including our weather. Our economy, now more heavily dependent than ever on recreation, is reliant upon expanding the opportunities and diversity for recreating on a less seasonal basis. The sports complex would contribute, offering a socio/economic mix presently overlooked.

While clearly in the “due diligence” phase, the preliminary concept for the project includes summer and winter sports venues:

  • Summer Season
    • Range Sports
      • Clays
      • Pistol
      • Rifle
    • Archery
    • Disc Golf
  • Winter Season
    • Cross Country Skiing
    • Snowshoeing
    • Skijor
    • Biathlon
    • Disc Golf _ Nordic Style

At opposing ends of the complex, parks with picnic grounds would frame the project.

The site is located alongside the bypass (aka Super Ditch) immediately west of town, initially focused alongside the westerly edge, from Hwy 36 north to the diversion dam – 1¾  miles in length. For reference, review the Lake Almanor Sports Complex Layout.

On September 28th, we had a full day & evening of exhibitions on the various venues onsite, with a dinner/bar (hosted by the Elks Club) at the Lake Almanor Rec Center. The field exhibitions were held morning & afternoon (two sessions), with those participating providing further insight into the sports at dinner. There was a skijor demonstration, along with a disc golf …

As a community project, a showing of support for the Project is paramount! Without sufficient interest by the community, the project will be sidelined, perhaps for another day. There is something for everyone living in or visiting the area, youth and adults, if for nothing more than a picnic. Perhaps most significant is our ability to attract & host regional events, offering tremendous opportunity to our local economy!

We hope you choose to support the Lake Almanor Sports Complex Project by communicating your interest and by donation!